Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trip to the cities.

So over new years, we enjoyed a planned trip down to visit my parents in the Twin Cities.  It always feels like such a neat little get-a-way from reality when we get to visit.  Rand describes the Gutierrez family pace as having a little faster tempo then what he is used to. Basically, this means that we usually get to expose ourselves to a lot while we are there. Our weekend included:

The drive. Rand was a trooper and drove the whole way! My back was really not feeling so hot sitting for 5 hours :(

The giving of our Christmas gift to our parents. I really enjoy giving gifts and it was a lot of fun to watch them open.  We also had a few gifts including a bundle of clothes from my parents, sister, and cousin.  So excited for some of the outfits.

A visit with my fashionable and fun friend, Hailey and my FAVORITE place, Panera. Cinnamon something bagels, cream cheese, and a few bites of yummy mac and cheese. YES!

A new iPhone cover purchase from a neat store called Madewell and a teal earring purchase from Franchescas at Southdale Mall. This felt like a special gift because when I go home I really enjoy stopping at Frachescas and I have been on the prowl for a iPhone cover with "fun pops of color".  Rand even did some shopping and bought a new expansion for Catan and a game called Carcazon.

A visit to the newly remodeled Cassetas near the excel.  What a fun treat.

A trip to babysRus. I made the mistake of deciding for us that we were going to start a registry. This only added to the pressure I was placing on myself.  Needless to say, after 2 hours viewing strollers/car seats, I had a meltdown next to the cribs. Swearing was definitely involved. No shame. All I really wanted to do, was pick out colors and look at baby clothes is what I figured out after processing.


A really fun trip (in place of church on Sunday, YES, we skipped church!) to a state park in Eagan where we went cross country skiing. It felt so good to get to enjoy outdoor activity during winter.  I can't say that I have many things I enjoy when it is 5 degrees, but I thoroughly enjoyed this and it was a blast to do with the company of Rand and my parents.  My favorite things was probably sliding down the hills on the butt of my Skis so I wouldn't fall.

A visit with our good friends the Onyshuks in MSP and their beautiful son Jameson.

A double date with Hailey and her boyfriend John to a really neat place in St.Paul and a trip to the ice rink downtown.

A trip to the Science Museum which bought back really found memories of field trips when I was home-schooled.

A visit from my dear friend Abbey and opening a gift for baby Seay.

It is always hard to leave, especially since it was a little shorter then we had originally planned, but we definitely enjoyed it.

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