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Our Family

Monday, January 7, 2013

School Social Work Dream

Still haven't been able to understand this all the way. I had been employed at Altru Health System for the past 6 months working as a FLEX Social Worker, which basically means being a substitute social worker.  While this position was very helpful in accommodating my graduate school schedule, it was definitely a position that forced me to rely on grace and Christ's strength each time I worked and has been my most challenging position as a professional so far.  I shed many a tear working there and allowing myself to remain in the uncomfortable feelings surrounding being there. In the wave of feelings surrounding my time there, I kept my heart alive through sharing with Christ where I was at. Last week after work, for the first time I realized that I had left work and enjoyed the fast-paced environment of the day. Miracle? Um, yes.

Last week I received a phone call from my undergraduate internship supervisor at the schools informing me of a possible part-time social work position opening up. I should make it clear that next to being an astronaut, being an elementary school social worker is my dream job. DREAM JOB. A week later I received an informal phone call from the principal setting up a time to meet with him the next day. The Friday before New Years  and before our planned trip to visit my parents in the cities, I was able to meet with him and less then twenty minutes in, the deal was sealed. Let me express the profoundness of this perfectly personalized gift from God:

  1. Did I mention this is my dream job?
  2. This temporary dream job was gifted to me in a time when literally I would not have applied anywhere else because I am nearly 7 months pregnant! It works out perfectly because the position is only needed to be filled, as of now, until April 1. NO KIDDING! 
  3. Smoothest transition I have ever had in a job. So literally I spoke with the principal Thursday, had an informal, jean wearing interview Friday, and started the next wedding. 
  5. I have my OWN office WITH a window! (The average social worker usually gets a closet office).
  6. I feel energized after each day instead of feeling like I got run over by 3 buses. 
  7. I have a consistent schedule that is flexible by the week and am able to spread out the hours over my open availability Monday-Wed
  8. It is a part-time position (40% and 16 hrs per week) and perfectly accommodates my Graduate school schedule
  9. I get to finally build relationships with staff, the kids I am serving, and families. This was tricky at the hospital because I was always on different floors and always had an entirely new caseload of patients each time I worked. Definitely something my heart has missed and thoroughly enjoys now
  10. I can not believe how even in the challenging journey of being at Altru, the fruit it produced in me as a professional is making and has made my transition into this new role so much easier!

Today was day 5 there and I am still riding the high wave of this roller-coaster.  I really, really love it.