Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 26, 2014

14 Months// 20 Weeks.

This month. Hmm. Ellie is rapidly becoming a toddler. Its fascinating to see her personality emerge and see her become who she is.

So here are a few Ellieisms.

She likes dog food. She gets this look and then goes at Kia's dog bowl. I think she likes the crunch.

She enjoys sitting in the dog's bed and wrestling with her.

She likes to dip her food. She doesn't like to dip and eat her food. Just dip it and eat the sauce off.

She likes to eat things out of the wrappers. String cheese. Fruit strips. You name it. Except suckers. She doesn't like to eat the wrapper then. She enjoys ripping those off. She got quite good at that this month when I had some suckers out at the garage sale for kiddos.

She likes to brush her teeth. There was a bit when flush and brush sounded the same to her. We figured it out.

She likes to stick things in the toilet. Yesterday, I found cutips.

She likes to help with the dishes. So far we have only had 3 broken plates. No knife stabbings yet...

She likes to color. This one is cute. She is really just starting to figure it out but it can keep her entertained.

She is expanding her television and movie interests. We snuggled watching frozen today and clifford, sesame street, and another show has interested her.

She loves her grandma and grandpa seay. She calls grandma mam-ma and grandpa bapa.

She really likes to go outside. She likes to walk, push things, point at ants, pull dandelions, and sit in the stroller. She grabs her shoes and brings them to me almost every morning to communicate this. She has learned she can go outside on the deck without me and doesn't try to climb down the stairs anymore!

She likes her dolly's. Alys gave her a waterbaby one she had and she really liked that. I got her another one that has a little stroller she likes to push. She likes to hold the "baba" up to her head and really likes it!

She likes hair clips...or taking them out. Apparently she put her little bag full in grandpa's hair the other day.

She enjoys headstands and is learning somersaults.

She learned the sign for fan this month and enjoys to stare up at our fans and make the sign with her double jointed finger. It sort of looks like a hook.

She is starting to take to milk again.

She likes to hold hands.

She is babbling a lot more on her own lately and even in her crib. She is able to entertain herself more where in the past she has usually just jerked awake and started crying. She can soothe herself more!

She is not into reading so much this month and still hates her face being wiped.

Lots of outdoor time. 

Headstands with dad. 

Loves to go in and out unto the deck. 

Helping with dishes. 

We attempted a pony tail. 

Poor girl reacts to mosquito bites. This one got infected and we had to get antibiotics. 
Art Fest.  Love that she enjoys holding hands. 

Likes to color!

Enjoying our morning walk. 

Dolly love. 


She has been enjoying these gloves lately. 

Spent all of about 45 minutes fascinated by pulling the cord in and out of her nightlight. She also made her doll's box into a chair. 

Fighting over the dog bed. 

What else has been going on?

Almost halfway!
I'm about 20 weeks and starting to pop. Today we go in for our ultrasound. I'm really savoring the sweetness of this pregnancy. I feel more of a sense of trust with my body and intuition that is allowing me to trust myself. I desire a more empowering birth experience and it has been super exciting to explore options like doulas, the business of being born, and just decide what would be best for me and our family based on who I am as and individual.  I also have started being active in finalizing plans for my internship next spring/summer. It is exciting that I have been able to pull apart the strings of the knot that I have felt it has been. I still feel a bit scared, but it doesn't feel quite as big. I have begun getting the baby room ready! And I have been enjoying sweet times with friends and my sister in law, Alys. We had a garage sale this month and were able to raise half of an emergency fund that we are hoping to store away. It was difficult in some ways, but overall it really was a blast to have my own small business for two days. We sold a bunch of stuff we didn't use, or wear, and I made a bunch of treats to sell. We went to a few weddings this month. One was in Fargo and Rand made it into a little weekend getaway. It was fun. We also have enjoyed watching our garden grow. Everything has survived so far!
This gal got married!
Family Photo.

Wedding selfie.
My latest adventures include exploring what it would look like to rip out the upstairs carpet, attending some yoga classes, taking wheat out of my diet, booking a hair appointment for a little bit of a change, and exploring our family finances.

I'm hoping to find childcare next January-August for 4 hrs. each day, Mon.-Thurs. We are hoping for a nanny, but open to other options. The time is not completely set for what hours those days we will need, but if anyone has any feedback, referrals, or interest, please let us know!