Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 11, 2013

6 Months.

Ellie learned how to stand! It is super precious and I feel so proud of her. Her stance is similiar to a sumo wrestler. She has sort of skipped the stomach lying and turning over phases.

Shes starting to be able to play by herself and is content with some of her big blocks and wooden toys.
She loves tags, strings, and hair
She likes to grab your face.
She likes to smile and giggle
She likes to eat her feet.
She likes to chew on metal trucks.
She is a wiggle monster when we change her diapers. For some reason, this has lead us to a latest nickname of "squirrel". Maybe it's her cute cheeks, maybe its because her latest fall book has a picture of one, and maybe its those wiggles.

They play really well together. 
Her favorite blue block is in the background

First time standing!
My Dad during their visit last weekend.

Enjoying chewing on cars lately. 

I bought her a new hat.

Rand got hired with the North Dakota University System as a web developer. Their office is located on UND's campus.  The position has fully paid health benefits. That means if we wanted to have 18 children, we could. He has two days left at his current job and will be starting this Monday. Our spare time has been filled with viewing houses. "We went to a lot of houses".  Anyone seen that clip? Anyway.
Hopefully we will be in a house before winter, or sooner.  I have an inkling we will, there is one particular house we are pretty found of right now and have decided to put on offer on!

Rand is free to pursue work on the side now and is working with a partner on a design and web development company. So far, they have enough business to keep them busy for a while. They will be forming an LLC soon, which is pretty exciting for them both. I'm sure there will be an unveiling of more details soon.

I don't know if I have any updates on life for me. It's oddly normal. Oh, we have a double stroller now. Thats probably the biggest life changer so far. I no longer strap a baby to me and push the single stroller. That season of life may have been the most exhausting thing;when your caring so much weight on you and pushing a child, it can be pretty harsh. The last time I was this strong surely was when I was playing soccer at UND. Mom shape is pretty intense. Walks seem to be a highlight of my day. I seem to have adjusted to life as a part-time mom to two. Micah, seems to mesh right in and I'm starting to learn what it looks like to love and care for a 1.5 year old; lots of apologizing and confessing my sin. I really am growing fond of him.

Oh, and lately I have taken to crock pot recipes and a roation of about 4 different favorite shirts and pants. It feels, well, nice.

Maybe it's the fall weather, but I'm getting into another cooking/baking kick this week. Who knows where it will take me. But being we now have a red, mini-food processor, I would imagine things to get cray cray up in here.