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Our Family

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Preparation- 37 Weeks and Counting!

It was probably mid-January when Rand shared a name with me that he had been thinking about and we both really liked it! We settled on a middle name and have our boy named picked out, just in case. It has been fun to keep it a secret, but we are excited for when we can finally share it.  Names are such a weird thing and it has been weird to merge the idea of the baby that is growing inside me with an actual name...

Here are some pictures of the last few weeks.

The most exciting thing for me has been the peace God has given me from a heart of panick-- AH we need to get her room together and all the baby gear that will make us parents--- to we'll be okay, even if the room isn't all put together or if we don't have all the stuff we need right now.  That hasn't meant that I don't desire for the room to be decorated cute and to have things put together, but I feel a softness and openness in my heart towards it instead of a clutchyness.  Somedays it definitely is not that way and God and I talk about that, but overall there is a newfound freedom to decorate or not decorate.

So that brings us to today. I am 37 weeks and two days. Here are the latest and greatest updates involving pregnancy:

  1. My ribs feel like they are jamming into my uterus
  2. I cannot sleep very well.  There was about two weeks where Rand would help me to bed and put a pillow behind my back, in front on my belly, between my legs, two above my head, and one by  my arms.  I had been clenching my jaw and sleeping on my side awkwardly, making my jaw incredibly sore.. So I started wearing his basketball mouthgaurd from high school too. It felt like a good laugh each night in the midst of all the uncomfortablness. 
  3. My belly sort of rests on my upper thighs...
  4. There really isn't ever a comfortable way to sit, stand, or lay.
  5. It seems I can never get a solid deep breath in.
  6. I get to feel her strong kicks often throughout the day.  It is always a sight to watch her foot or butt push my abdomen out. Such a weird feeling!
  7. I can feel overwhelmed at times, especially with graduate school and papers! It was nice to not have anything due over spring break, but I feel like a lot still has to get done before the baby comes. The truth I have been able to rest in has been that I will be okay even if the baby comes early or if my professors don't work with me to devise a plan for the remaining three weeks of classes that I will not be able to attend. 
  8. God provided an option for insurance for us that we can afford! After a few misunderstandings, there were a few weeks where we didn't know if we were going to have insurance.  I went through and sat in many emotions, like anger, fear, condemnation before my heart finally knew that we would be okay even if we didn't have coverage.  So we officially will have coverage April 1st for baby! 
All of these things point to two things; I am feeling pretty uncomfortable and God is demonstrating and teaching my heart that he is a giver that provides and we will be okay even if ____.  Thank you Jesus

37 Weeks

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