Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Labor and Delivery-- Dad's Version

Dad's Version in an email he sent to our family.

 Hi! Attached is a photo of our little Eloise! 

She has really taken to the pacifier and has been doing so well learning to breast feed. Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you wish(I don't have many email addresses). I have been taking photographs with my camera, but sharing them is tricky because the Internet hasn't been very good here at the hospital, and to be honest there hasn't been much time yet.

Both momma and daughter are sleeping right now so I found myself with a quiet moment, but may find myself drifting off as well. We are planning to leave the hospital on Tuesday, and Jessica has been making good progress as far as recovery goes. We are both running on a few hours of sleep since this whole thing started, so you can imagine my relief at the fact that Jessica is getting some rest.

The nurses have been fantastic, really taking outstanding care of our little one and the new mom. Ever friendly and encouraging, they seem to be really fond of our little family. Jessica said the anesthesiologist "made me feel like her daughter". Jessica is completely unhooked for the first time today, finally being free of IVs, catheters, monitors, and so on. She has been up and out of bed, but can easily overextend herself without knowing it due to the different pain medications dulling the pain. Eloise was born 6lbs 8.9oz at 2:13am on Saturday, April 13th. She is 20.5 inches long and is extremely healthy, from top to bottom (that includes some very full diapers).

We really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and are excited for you to meet her!


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