Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meet Eloise!

The Low-Down

Weight: 6.89 pounds
Height: 20.5 inches
Eye Color: Blue and big like mom's!
Hair: Dark Brown
Lips: Rose-buds like dad
Nose: Dad's
Ears: Possibly Dad's
Skin: A little darker, must be her hispanic heritage on Mom's side
Limbs: Long, like mom and dad's
Middle Name: Mary, after my mom
First Name: Daddy picked out and mommy loved!

Favorite things/Memories so far:

  1. When she stares at you with crossed eyes
  2. Her smile when she sleeps
  3. Her smell, she smells so good!
  4. The frog leg moves she does when you try and change her diaper
  5. That she has been patient and is nursing really well!
  6. When daddy dances with her.
  7. Getting to snuggle with her so much. 
  8. Feeling like its christmas everyday because she is here to stay!
  9. Seeing Rand love her!
  10. Having her fit into her precious name and calling her Ellie or Lu Lu
Possible photo Shoot this weekend with our new camera, hopefully well get some more pictures up, but here are a few of my favorite so far! We are both feeling so loved and supported by family and friends. Between meal deliveries, packages, cards, flowers, and mail my heart feels full!
At the hospital

First Day Home

My Favorite-- With Daddy

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