Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Beginnings 2012

With the support of Rand's presence and strong arms to take down our organized Christmas bins, I was able to finish putting up the last of the Christmas decor in the Seay household. Most of our pieces hold fond memories from their use during my childhood, but their have been a few finds from Micheal's sales last year, clearance at Target and Garage Sales. If I had to pick an ultimate favorite, it would hands down be the sparkly red candle from last year.

I think the best part of all, though, is our tree. I grew up on the "packagable" tree while Rand has always had a real tree.  The past two years we have decided to bring in the fresh scent of pine to our apartment, along with all the messy pine needles and sap (No I do not like pine needles or sap). Last year, while trying to  remove our tree from the third story of our apartment I managed to get sap ALL over my arms, hands, and the floor.  I was near frantic as what initially was comical turned into tears and frustration as the sap refused to come off my body. Rand and I used butter I believe to get it off ourselves. To discard this fighter of a tree we decided to open our window and toss it out.  It actually worked too! I don't think we will have that same luck this year for getting rid of it and hopefully we found good solutions to the sap with a christmas tree bag and a plastic rim at the base.  I think next year we will shoot for a more elegant and tall looking tree, but this year we are getting to enjoy our "cone".

Our Cone Tree

My Sparkly Candle
Auntie Alys is going to be arriving back into Grand Forks this next Sunday from her 11 month trip on the world race.  We are both so excited to see her and hear of all her adventures!

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  1. I love your writing, Jess. I can imagine you saying all of these same things in a face-to-face conversation. And I love the real cone tree. :)