Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weeks 9 & 10 >> Two&Half months

So our Ellie Girl is already 2 1/2 months old. She is able to interact so much more with us and takes much more notice of the things around her. I think this has been my favorite change to watch in her the last few weeks. Physically, she is growing and healthy! She can hold her head up fairly steady and likes to move it from side to side to see things.  She has started to be able to hold onto things lately, like my hair, necklace, our fingers and her blankie and her friend Sophie the Giraffe.

The last week for sure has been moere challenging for all of us because her sleep/feeding schedule has been sort of off. She went from waking up about twice a night to around 4-5 times.  Were attemting to reset things for her, but man, I am definately feeling a bit off these days. Most of my days this week have been trying to resett from our nights.

 I have noticed that she has a strong preference for things that she likes.
+She loves to be held outward, bouncing, sucking on your finger, hand, or knuckle. 
+She likes her friend Sophie the Giraffe, specifically her ears and feet because they fit perfectly in her mouth ;).
+She likes her Aden and Adnais Blankets
+She likes playing on her playmatt with her mobile above her 
+She likes the music her mobile plays
+She loves her pacifiers
+She likes to be around people
+She likes holding your hand
+She likes to bounce
+She loves to move her feet and were talking MOVE them.
+She likes watching the Twins game with her Nana and Papa..well its either the twins or the bright, flashy movement
+She likes her daddy throwing her in the air
+She likes looking out the window
+She likes going on walks in her stroller
+She likes to soothe herself by stroking her hair with her Left hand

Here are a few fun things that we have noticed or that have happened over the past two weeks: 

>She will be "playing" under her activity matt and will get this look on her face and then have this 2-4 minutes burst of kicking
 >She likes to play with her mobile toys by swinging her arms back and forth like a gorilla
>She likes to chew on her blankets with her gumms
> when she wakes up in the morning and I start talking to her she just lights up like she hasn't seen me in years. It is so precious
>We will have conversations together.. Sort of. When you say goo goo gah gah type things, she will study you, then smile really big. This is one of my favorite things to do with her lately.
>She knocked Rand's glasses off his face one day
>She attended her first women' luncheon and cried through the beginning of it. I ended up rocking/bouncing her for about an hour. My arms are definately a lot stronger.  Who needs working out? Just have babies!
>She has enjoyed wearing some of her fashionable new 3-6 month outfitts that are SO CUTE! I ended up going shopping for her for the first time and enjoyed picking out a few outfitts. She is so fun to dress, I could buy clothes all day everyday for her. 
>She has upgraded to size two diaper
>A few days ago when I was feeding her a bottel she put her hands up and sort of held it. 
>She got to visit with her Grandma and Grandpa Gutierrez last week.  I'm pretty sure they are in love with her.  She enjoyed being held nearly the entire weekend and Grandma even bought her her first cloth book, the three little pigs. 
>She kind of fits in her bumbo.  Her neck isn't quite strong enough, though, so she sort of slumps to one side or rests her head on he chest. We can't keep her in there too long, but its fun to have her be more a part of making dinner or sitting at the table!

It is kind of astonishing to see how much life has changed these past months and how quickly we have all adapted.  Rand has been offering lately to watch Ellie the past few tuesdays and I have gotten to  enjoy some free time.  On Thursday's Nana and Papa (his parents) spend time with her so Rand and I can spend some time together.  Last week we went to L Bistro for 1/2 off pizza and Jazz music and this week we went to play tennis and got $2 cold drinks from Caribou.  Weve enjoyed some fun garage sales and have found some killer finds, like a red fold up wagon and a road bike for Rand.

 Rand has started biking and working on his website again.  I have been catching up on sleep, gettin my craft on, and reading ragamuffin gospel by brennan manning. We both have been dreaming some more about buying a home, buying land, paying off student loans, and HAVING MORE BABIES! We are excited to continue to grow our family in the years to come and are excited for this adventure called life. 

First Time in her Bumbo!
Loves to Chew her Blankie
Mom's Craft out of diaper boxes
Love her big blue eyes!

She always opens her mouth when she is excited.

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