Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weeks 8 and 9

So our little dear is already 9 weeks. She is starting to fit into our newest nickname LuLu everyday.

Were adapting to a bedtime routine. We will put her in her nightime pjs and choose a book from our growing library of cute childrens books that Rand and I grew up on that and, while I hold her, Rand will read to her. Ellie has actually seemed to enjoy it and will often just stare up and Rand while she reads. 

When I tuck her in a night sometimes I will back up so she can't see me anymore and just stare at her. Sometimes she will just start screaming (if she's not tired enough) but sometimes she will just contently stare at her crib, the wall,  and get into her new classic pose; one hand on her face, while the other kind of caresses her hair. To say its beyond cute is an understatement ahh! 

In the morning when she is awake and I am attempting to eat breakfast I will set her on her matt beneath her mobile. When the music starts and the mobile starts to spin she will get this huge smile on her face and start rapidly kicking her feet.   

She likes to make bubbles with her spit and play with them.

She seriously loves to kick her feet. She'll go at it for like 15 minute blocks. Serious workout.
Her pattern is waking up twice in the night to eat. Not too bad!

She probably has about 8 pacifiers. The other day we were wondering were they all were, I felt likei had looked everywhere. I was in our room when I spotted something under the floor and I squatted down to take a peak. What I found was her little paci stash, ha. She had thrown a few out if her crib and unto the floor. You sneaky girl!

She has a notable Preference for me holding her over anyone else. While this ultimately melts my heart and makes me feel special, it has its challenges. 

The past two weekends we have enjoyed weekend trips to the townsquare for Artfest and the farmers market. Weve found some killer deals and frivilous finds at local garage sales. 

For Father's Day we celebrated with Ellie making muffins and breakfast in bed for dad.  She also got him this gadget for his camera that will allow him to snap photos while he is in them. then we enjoyed a fun afternoon BBQ at his parents that Bryn and I had schemed and put on. We enjoyed brats, burgers, hot dogs, watermelon, corn, and some yummy iced tea (my new favorite summer drink!). 

We're looking forward to Rands upcoming review at work and enjoying playing with our new iPad minis. We both have one. Rands is black with a black cover and mine is white with a strips gold and white chevron print. YES I am writing this blog on it! 

As both a mom and a "recovering legalist" my heart has faced a few challenges  But it is holding fast to Gods promise that "there is no condemnation" from Him. Oh, how sweet grace has tasted!Despite our apartment not having been cleaned in...well, a while and not having progressed any further in my Grad school homework, He is still drawing my heart to Him and into His beauty. 

As I offer myself to him, ALL of myself, even the One who doubts, the one who says, Lord show me that your promises are true because my only my head believes them right now, he shows up! 

He says, Jessica, my precious daughter, you don't have to prove that as a stay at home mom your time produces something. You can enjoy your sweet daughter and freely go on walks down the greenway or sit and cuddle with Ellie in the rocking chair. You can skip your homework or do it if you please.  You don't have to do the dishes if you don't want to! And you can go to Starbucks twice in one day! You can just be and you are MINE.   that stuff you feel like you need to fix, do, or control,  I want it too because I love you and want all of you! 

 I'm finding that I get to enjoy my daughter differently,smell the fresh scent of lilacs, stare out at the leaves as they sparkle and dance in the wind and light (they really do) and DREAM. Thank you Jesus.

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