Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 17, 2013

5 Weeks

Ellie is co-writing this one with me.  Her and I are sprawled out on our bed together.  I can't help staring at her, holding her, and telling her I love her.  Terms of endearment seem to naturally flow out when I talk to her.  So here are a few of this week's excitement:

She is growing! She is officially in size 1 diapers, which is the next size up from newborns. She is rapidly growing out of her newborn attire.  When we put her leggings on over her onsies her little belly will hang over. It's hard to think she is getting bigger! I was telling Rand this week that I can't vividly recall what she looked like as a newborn.  AH!

This week we transitioned her from the bassinet to the pack n play in our room. That was a hard moment for me too.

I cannot handle her cuteness when she makes her baby noises, giggles, and smiles.  She has started to react to my expressions or interactions with her and I am so excited for this to continue.

She is getting strong! LOVES to kick her feet.  It seems that whenever she is awake they are moving. And she can support her neck more and more each day. 

I started reading a few books to her... I like to think she enjoys it.

On mothers day she made me this cute card ;) Rand slaved in the kitchen making a turkey feast which we enjoyed with his parents and a good friend.

We did our first bath just mom and Ellie. She didn't drown, as I feared, so it was a success!

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  1. I love that B&W picture of Ellie!! How sweet.